Monday, February 23, 2015

How They Did It In Boston

Bill loaned me an old book about Boston Rapid Transit with this interesting picture of third rail shoes on a steeplecab.  The picture on the left zooms in on the truck.

There are two wire brushes that can be pushed down by springs, but the springs don't look very strong.  I fail to see how this could be very effective.  In the picture, the brushes are both held off the rail by the wooden handles above them, which are in the vertical position.  And the shoe itself is just a flat bar bent into a U shape.  It can't be very heavy, but there's also a spring above it.  I guess it must have worked.   It appears to me that most rapid transit cars had the same type of third rail pickup, but without the wire brushes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Randall,
here's a thought. did Frank ever get a chance to letter the Intiana Railroad #205?

The last picture on the roster page does not show an letters. Do you have any pictures of the car with letters?

Ted miles
IRM Member 2015

Frank Hicks said...

Here you go Ted:

All that remains is the two stripes down the side of the car. Then everything gets outlined in silver, which I'm hoping to hire a professional sign painter to do.