Thursday, April 9, 2015

Questions From Afar

Yesterday we received an email from a group in Jamestown, N.Y. asking about canvas paint.  They're in the process of restoring the body of a Jamestown single truck car, as seen here.  Rod has called them back and will try to help.  We get our canvas paint from a local supplier but I'm not sure what to recommend for someone in upstate New York. 

We weren't aware of this group before, but they have put together an excellent website here and seem to be doing a good job on the body, which was used as a cabin for many years.  It's always interesting to hear from others in the restoration field. 


Anonymous said...

Seashore buys their paint from our local guy and has it shipped to Maine. Bill Wulfert

Anonymous said...

That's a nice job of restoration that the Jamestown group has done in a fairly short span of time. Looks like they had a lot of help from some of their commercial friends. Now all they need is a Birney truck and away they go :)