Saturday, June 6, 2015

UP Family Day

Today was the annual Union Pacific Family Day for employees and their families.  The UP has long been a good friend and benefactor for the Museum, and it's nice to see so many people show up.  


The company has several tents and activities set up for their families.

The 308 and 319 were running in revenue service again, as well as the 1630, a Diesel caboose train, two 4000's, and two streetcars.

And the open car was in part-time service.

Chris and Dan Buck are running the CA&E train.  They said the trains were full on nearly every trip.

This gave me a good opportunity to swap positions between the 36 and 309, so I could work on the other side of the 36.


By the end of the day I had finished painting about 2/3 of the other side of the roof.  It's nearly complete.  We had a good crowd of visitors passing through all day, more than usual for Barn 8.

I was sorry to hear that Rod Turner is in hospital in Geneseo with back problems.  We're all hoping for a speedy recovery!

I happened to run into an old friend, Rich Neva, visiting from Oregon.  He strong-armed me into promising to keep running this blog for his personal benefit.  But I guess you will be able to read it too, so be sure to thank him!

And our Weirdness of the Week is this section of the 36's clerestory.  All the other sections have an obvious pair of right and left-hand arches, but this one has two of the same.  I really don't know how this happened, or why I never noticed it before.  (It would help if the windows weren't painted over, of course.)  

A close examination of the picture at the top of the car history shows that this was the case at least by 1939, so it's "correct" for the current paint scheme.  Just another oddity.  At least we can't blame it on Cleveland.

Finally, here we see a trolley bus being washed (by Rich Schauer) while another "bus" passes behind.  Let's keep it clean!


Anonymous said...


I think you may have discovered a long forgotten prank that some maintenance
worker perpetrated with the "Window Oddity".

Ken MacLeod

Anonymous said...

another "bus" ....????

Where ???


Joshua Sutherland said...

I think it is a joke about the PCC in the background...cuz it looks similar to the bus...I think.

Kirk Warner said...

Do you intend to remove the paint from the window glass at some point or is ir correct to the period?

Randall Hicks said...

Unfortunately the painted glass is correct for the target period, the earliest to which the car can be restored without major rebuilding. Stripping paint from glass is relatively easy, but it just wouldn't be right. And the same is true of the 319.

As for the clerestory arches, I doubt it's a prank as such. The 36 has certainly been through at least one major rebuilding, probably due to an accident, and I would guess they happened to have a few spare windows from wrecked cars on hand as replacements. But we'll never know for sure.