Sunday, January 3, 2016

36 Report

From yesterday, I have a few pictures of progress on the 36.  The picture at left below is lit with the nice new LED worklight I got for Christmas.  The only drawback is that one could easily be blinded by it.  On the right, we have final filler and primer on the rest of the ceiling.

For a break from sanding and painting, we have these little rollers for the pocket doors.  The one on the right is the one I took home last time; some faucet washers from the local hardware store are just the right size to make it functional.  On the left, I have one that evidently was mounted in the wrong place.  The rubbing of the metal strip on the door against the roller for many years has worn away not only part of the roller casting but half of the axle, which is now welded in place.  I can't think of a way to fix the casting, but I should be able to put new rollers on it and mount it farther away from the door.

And then four more arm rests were prepped and got first primer.  Only two to go.

And on a quick visit to the truck shop, Tim is working on three of the four GE 55 motors we have on hand for the 24.  No two of the motor cases are exactly alike; they have various holes drilled in different places for different size axles and different styles of gear pan.  Sooner or later, though, we'll come up with two working motors.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any news about what you are going to do about that leaky air tank in the #36? Does the car have the money in its account to repair or replace it?

I believe pressure vessels like that need a certified welder to work on them.

Just renewed my IRM membership for 2016; you will have to put up with me for a while longer I believe.

Ted Miles