Friday, February 10, 2017

UP M-35 Update

Gregg Wolfersheim sends us the most recent news from the Cretney barn on the UP doodlebug:

On Wednesday I worked on removing old paint on the water tank in M-35. This tank is about the size of your hot water heater at home, only a little taller. Luckily we can only get to one side of it!

Another view of the lower end of the tank. It's almost ready for primer.

On Thursday, the first carline was installed. It has been many years since something occupied this spot!

A different view of the new carline. This one is attached to the firewall, and only serves to support the roof. Other carlines behind this one will be sandwiched between the roof ribs of steel.

Looking up from inside of the car. Next will be the carlines recently made for the area over the engine room.

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