Thursday, August 21, 2008

Worship This Week, Pt. 2

Another in our continuing series of car cards. But say, that reminds me....

Three preachers were discussing their problems with railroads. "The railroad is a real nuisance at my church," said one. "Every Sunday, just when we're having prayers, the Burlington comes through the middle of town blowing its whistle and making an awful racket, bothering everybody. It's very annoying."

"The problem at my church is much worse than that," said another. "Every Sunday, just in the middle of my sermon, the Rock Island runs right alongside the church with a long freight train. It's so loud I have to stop, wait for several minutes, then try to continue the sermon. It's just unbelievably frustrating!"

"The problem at my church is even worse than that," said the third. "Every Sunday, just when it's time to take up the collection, the Nickel Plate comes right down the center aisle!"

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