Monday, November 16, 2009

Movers and Shakers

The Shaker PCC #63 (built as Twin City Transit #352) has arrived at IRM and was unloaded this afternoon! Here are a few pictures I was able to take; most of the time I was helping.

On Saturday, Frank Sirinek inspects the car in the warehouse at the dock in Cleveland.

The interior of the car, before Frank put all the windows back in (helped by Greg.)

This is certainly the best of the Shaker PCCs.

It arrived at the property about 3:00 this afternoon. Here the Silk Road driver waits at the entrance gate while a few impediments are moved.

The hardest part was the turn at Central and Depot. The trailer is so long that it's nearly impossible for the streetcar to make streetcar turns. But the driver was a real pro.

Here we have dropped the gooseneck and built the ramp. The car was then pulled down the ramp by the Joy; sorry, no pictures, I was busy.

Finally, here it is on the pit lead, at sunset.

People who helped unload were Nick, Warren, Tim Peters, Frank, Mike, and myself. And of course, the Silk Road driver.


Kirk Warner said...

Thankd you so much for the timely updates. They are great to have while I am going through IRM withdrawal here in Florida for the winter.

David Wilkins said...

Yes, with news of the car from SHAKER, Randy excelled to new HEIGHTS, while telling this story of how the car was moved in a RAPID manner to its new home so it can help tell the story of urban TRANSIT in America.