Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Finest Hour

So far, at least. The first day of our WWII re-enactment went very well, from what I could see. We had a very good crowd of visitors., and everybody seemed to be having a great time. If you weren't there, evidently they know something you don't!

There were more participants, more battles, more planes, more horses, and probably more of everything. I was running the blue cars and we were really busy, so I didn't have time to take any good pictures. I'm hoping others will provide them.
It was startling when I suddenly realized that one of the daredevil stunt pilots was pacing my train a hundred feet away, only a few feet above the ground. The next time it happened, though, it just becomes part of the job!

Henry Vincent and Dan Buck were the train crew, and everything went well. I'll be back Monday; Dan will be the motorman and I'll be the conductor.

My only complaint is that I seemed to get more than my fair share of grade crossing incidents, near misses where people drove in front of the train long after I started whistling. I'm not sure what makes people act so stupidiously. But I'm sure all you readers of this blog are a lot smarter than to do anything like that!

Update: Here are some pictures submitted by Joseph Blidy, who visited with his son and reports having a great time. Thanks! And thanks again to all those who put so much time and effort into making this re-enactment a success.

(L) Here's a great shot of the plane pacing the 309, and reflected in the standing water.

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