Monday, August 23, 2010

Thomas Weekend

I was out at IRM on Sunday but since it was the second Day Out With Thomas weekend I was in operations and not working in the Car Department. I worked as conductor on our Chicago PCC car, the 4391, with Paul Sprenger as motorman. Paul is always a consummate professional when operating, never seen without a complete CTA uniform including necktie.
Note that, since I forgot to bring my camera, this is a Krambles-Peterson Archive photo of the 4391 from and was not, in fact, taken during Day Out With Thomas.

I did have a few minutes at the end of the day to goof around with the 205, though. Rod had cut the hole for the headlight at the east end of the car, leaving only a few thin strips of metal holding the blank in place, as seen in the cell phone camera shot below. I cut these in a few minutes and we're now ready to clean up the edge and install that headlight!

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Anonymous said...

How did we do attendance-wise for the Thomas weekends?