Monday, August 2, 2010

V.T. Pt. II: Meanwhile, Across Town...

I got to the museum kind of late on Vintage Transport Day but spent the afternoon helping out in the shop, where Norm Krentel is leading the charge on getting the 36's truck ready to put under the car. He removed a brush holder that had a bit of arcing damage and also took the brushes out of that holder. They had some damage of their own so we will likely order new ones. I helped out a bit with this and also packed the two motor armature bearings on the outboard motor (not the Evinrude kind!) including making up some new waste bundles. We'll need to make more waste bundles for the inboard motor and will also have to make some for one of the axle caps, but packing the latter can be done underneath the car if necessary. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of what we were doing, though in my defense it wasn't very photogenic. Instead, here are some more photos of the festivities up at the depot:

What, you mean you didn't know the CA&E ran to Dearborn Station? As I was arriving they were wyeing the coach train to put the side of the 92 with the repainted number towards the public, setting up the neat photo on the right.
Following all of this, I went for some training trips on our second-newest open car, Veracruz 19, and was qualified to operate it. It was running for much of the day and it looked like there was only rarely an empty seat - this will surely be a popular car with visitors! And in other exciting news, shown above is the first patch of Cleveland PCC 4223 to receive finish paint. I'm not certain whether this is the "final" finish paint or a test patch, but it's still a bit of a milestone for the car.

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