Sunday, December 23, 2012


 There's a limited amount of time left to make your charitable donations for this year.  And we have limited resources available, so we still really need your support.  And there's a limit.... well, you get the idea.  Please don't forget to contribute to the Barn 14 construction fund if you haven't done so already!

Meanwhile, in the limited time available, let's get as much work done as possible.  Yesterday seemed like a good opportunity to clean up, sand down, and repaint the rest of the lower siding on the 36 with second primer.  It will be ready for first finish blue whenever the conditions are right.
Next, it's time to start working on the main compartment in the 319.  Near the #2 end on both sides, the middle molding strip had come loose.  The ceiling here is made of Masonite or some similar substance, about 3/8" thick.  Over the years, it's flattened out somewhat, thus pulling away from the carlines.  Replacing these huge panels (about12' long) is a last resort, so I just want to reattach the molding strips.
 Now the funny thing is that originally they were attached with fairly short screws that just went into the panels.  There was no attempt made to find the position of the carlines, and most of these screws have worked out, of course.  So I spent a while drilling pilot holes to determine the exact location of each carline, and then marking up the molding strips I had removed.  They will be attached with 2" countersunk screws, and the screws covered over with filler so the appearance is unchanged. 

On this side one of the wooden patch pieces has split, so it will be replaced, but most of the fabric of the ceiling will be retained.  The central ceiling is still in very good shape in the main compartment, fortunately.  Challenges like this are a welcome change from stripping, sanding, and repainting. 

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