Monday, April 1, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

After one intense day of filming, the film crew was done, and today the riggers were busy removing all traces of their presence.

In the morning we see them disassembling the wooden platform they had built along the north side of the main, across from the depot, and by late afternoon....

only the canopy was left.  Dave Diamond was checking up on their progress.  By the time you read this, the canopy will probably be gone also. Dave pointed out that it was a replica of our Depot St. canopy, and we have no need for it along the main.
But it was nice while it lasted.

For us volunteers, however, the work is never done.  Here Jim Windmeier has finished a step stool for the 141, with special blue paint.

Also, I noticed that one of the NYC subway cars is undergoing major body work -- notice where the metal has been cut out below the windows.  Right now it's in Barn 7.

Most of the day I spent working on a side door for the 36.  I reassembled the hardware and put primer on the other side of the drop sash.

The door frame also needed some work, then the repainted hardware was installed.  And I put a second coat of primer on the outside.  I just couldn't find a good vantage point to take a picture of it, though.  Next time, or at least the next time it's warm enough for finish painting, this door will turn blue.  And I sorted parts, and took several parts to the shop for the Wednesday guys to strip and repaint.  Their help makes a big difference.  And I walked out to check on the 321 -- more about that later.

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