Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IRM Visit-Showcase Weekend

David writes........

I do not have any photos that were good enough for the blog, so this is a tex-only update.  Plus, I can't compete with the blog's staff photographer.

After a three hour flight, stuffed into coach on a regional jet, I arrived at O'Hare on Friday afternoon. After collecting my bags, Frank picked me up.  Our first stop was Harold Krewer's house, so that I may take my rules test, which I passed. Afterwards, we went to dinner and toured a very nice model railroad layout near Elgin.

I spent most of my Saturday morning out at IRM catching up with everyone and visiting. I toured the Electroliner and chatted with Joe and Gwyn Stupar. The efforts to return the 'liner to operation are very impressive. 

After lunch, I met up with Zach Ehlers and we proceeded to get the open streetcar, Vera Cruz 19 ready for service. We only made two trips around the streetcar line before rain sidelined us. I got pretty wet just putting the car up. 

After drying out and dinner, I met with Randy and Frank and we proceeded to get the wood cars ready for service.  While the kerosene markers were neat, I can see why the railroads went to electric illumination as soon as they could. It was a lot of work to tend to the lanterns, make sure they were burning properly, etc.  The effect, though, was impressive. 

After we put the wood cars away, Frank and I went for a ride on the Illinois Terminal train, where I finally met the blog's staff photographer, Chuck Amstein, in person, for the first time. Frank and I also rode the North Shore train, with Zach Ehlers and Scott Greig on the crew. Zach has really taken a lot of effort to recreate an accurate North Shore conductor's uniform, down to the cash fare receipt cutter and Oshkosh suitcase doubling as his Conductor's case, with various paperwork and essentials inside.  

Our last trip of the night was on the CTA 2200s, with Dave Fullerton and Greg Kepka on the crew. By the time we helped put the 2200s away, it was after midnight and Frank and I retired to the former Union Pacific 10-6 Pullman Pacific Peak. Frank and I set up Bedrooms C and D as a suite, by folding back the wall in between the rooms.  The next day, I was up and on my way back to the airport for the flight back to Utah, another 3 hours stuffed in coach on a regional jet.

It was a fun trip, great to see everyone!
I don't know when I will be next back at IRM, but probably next year for the ATTRM convention/Museum Showcase Weekend. My wife and I are expecting our first child in April, so I think my spring and summer will be busy. 

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