Monday, September 22, 2014

Showcase Saturday from Chuck Amstein

Here, as promised, are the pictures of Saturday operations by our staff photographer Chuck Amstein.  Usual restrictions apply: these images are copyrighted by the owner and may not be reproduced or sold without his express written consent. 

In the morning, the really long coach train was pulled by one of our newest locomotives, 1848.

The dynamometer shows the engine pulling 30,000 drawbar lbs, plus the throttle status.

Max makes some quick repairs to the trolley bus/car line overhead at Electric Park.

The steam team pulled the Decapod over onto the wye during supper, so they could watch it while they were eating.  Otherwise it might walk away.


We're loading passengers at Depot St.  The rear of the train has two kerosene markers and the tail lamp; the front has markers, a headlight, and the dash light.  Joe helped us get them all ready.

Three-car North Shore train: 251, 714, 749.

The IT train: 277, 518, and 234.

And the CTA 2200's.

Rain, rain, rain.


Brian L. said...

My records show that 1848 registered a maximum of 100,000 lbs of force while pulling the coach train. (This measured from the dyno's hydraulic drawbar) It also had a peak throttle position of run 6.

1630 never topped 40,000 lbs of force, but in her defense the rail was wet most of the runs 1630 pulled.

The dynamometer and steam crew also managed to get the lights working in two of the other passenger cars (DMIR 84 and DLW 561) with the historically correct trainline jumpers (fed from the operational generator under the Dynamometer). Look for photos on the main IRM blog later this week.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up the picture of the illinois Central neon sign; I do not think it was mentioned in the Rail & Wire.

It looks like Members Day was quite a success!

Ted Miles
IRM Member