Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Good Soaking

The ground got a good soaking today, which must be very annoying if you're trying to get your crops out.  I'm sure some of my in-laws are fuming at the delay.  But the 319's roof also got a good soaking, as you'll see.

Painting canvas is completely different from painting wood or metal.  The paint soaks in rapidly.  You can put on a good coating of black paint, and perhaps 30 seconds later it has soaked all the way in and parts of the canvas are white again.  What!?!  Where'd it go?  

As you can see, the black paint applied on Thursday has dried to a light grey, for the most part.  The second coat looks much blacker, at least while it's still wet, and it's soaking in slower.  So that's progress.

I was able to finish the first coat and put a second coat on everything painted last time.  It will dry for several days, and then the third painting should get everything to an even finish. 

Lots of other things are going on at the Museum, but I haven't had time to photograph them.  Tim continues to make good progress on the 24; new window sashes have been made, fitted, and are being completed even as we speak.


Anonymous said...

So you are using a plastic bucket up there. Is the paint acrylic based?

Randall Hicks said...

No, it's linseed oil. But I'm not a chemist. Is there a problem with a plastic bucket?

Anonymous said...

What is the #24? Do you mena the michigan #28?

Ted Miles
Long Distance IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

No, I mean the 1024, which is being restored to its condition just before or at the time of the CRT merger. Its number on the Northwestern Elevated was 24.