Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hicksco Miscellany

I recently received an email from John Neville, who in his younger days worked for a man named Harry Weiss, a manufacturer of model railroad equipment.  Mr. Weiss's father and grandfather had worked for the Hicks Locomotive and Car Co. and its successor, Central Locomotive and Car, and Mr. Neville sent me a couple of miscellaneous items.

   One is a newspaper clipping from the Chicago Heights Star describing a huge patriotic parade in 1917 organized by Central employees, and ending at the East Plant.  He says the paper is too brittle to allow seeing the rest of the story. The other is a project estimating form from the Hicks company, used as scratch paper.  The parade sounds like fun: floats depicting battleships and submarines, and a 150-foot flagpole with a huge flag carried by 48 girls.  Down with the Kaiser!

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