Saturday, September 12, 2015

More Nighttime Photos

Brian LaKemper  sent us these photos taken last weekend for night operations, along with some captions.   (The delay is mostly my fault, trying to figure out the transfer from his camera to my computer.)  Thanks!
Ready to depart for Chicago and the loop

Ready to head west for Wheaton (Do not try this at home; the train was stationary when this was taken)

The conductor coming through the train to collect tickets

Meeting the Zephyr at Johnson Siding

The diner and observation cars of the Nebraska Zephyr slip by the 319

Through the trees racing west for Wheaton

Clear Board!
Motorman Frank Hicks focuses on the task at hand

CA&E Cars arriving the station on Monday

What is that conductor pointing at?
Answer: I had a passenger who was deathly afraid of missing the Zephyr, over on the next track.

The Zephyr was busy all weekend with dinner trains and regular operations

1630 was also busy drawing crowds of people

The turbine was lit up for night photography

Shay #5's smokebox has a bottom again

The steam team is moving along on the shay, with tubes in the boiler, and now the missing section of the smokebox is being welded together.
Another view of the freshly tack-welded bottom.

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Anonymous said...

What is the conductor pointing at?

"Right there! My can of root beer was RIGHT THERE a second ago and now it's gone!! Who took it?!?"