Friday, September 4, 2015

New Castings

We recently received the three new brass castings needed for the 36; these would hold up tray tables.  Thanks to Frank Kehoe and Tim Peters who did the travelling to the foundry and taking parts back and forth.

(R) At the top is a brass original, then two replacements that have been sanded down, then a raw casting that hadn't been started yet.  After a little work they look pretty nice.  Since these parts will be painted the difference in color is unimportant.

Here's what it should look like; notice that one is missing.  I just needed three more to complete the car.  Next, I'm thinking about trying to build a tray table, although there are no CA&E originals in existence that I know of.   A table from the IT 234, although the dimensions are slightly different, might be a good prototype.

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Anonymous said...

Were the tables for card players or was some sort of food service available in the car? It is nice to see details like that going back!

Ted Miles
IRM Member