Monday, May 23, 2016

Doodlebug Followup

Gregg Wolfersheim sends in another report:

The last pictures we had of the Men's room was a before shot. Last week I finally got most of the walls stripped. This is the front wall:

This is the filter bracket all painted and mounted in a back corner of the engine room:

And today, I found the oil filter case and opened it up! Full of rust and "dry" oil residue. You can see some of it on the screen insert that I pulled part way out. Next will be to clean and paint the case and mount it in the bracket. It won't be actually used, as the RoiLine engine has its own filter mounted next to the engine block.

This is one of the windows being refurbished.  There is a little deterioration along the bottom that we are repairing with epoxy.  This was a recommendation from Tim Peters and others.

 The lower right corner was rotted, so Buzz Morisette helped make a piece to fill it out with. He then showed me how to use the epoxy to glue it all together and fill in the low spots.

Sunday, Bob Sundelin was out, and he took a few of the new carlines that were produced a few years back, and prepared to prime them.

This was the result. There are about 25 in the car, plus two hip pieces that attach to these. Should take Bob a few weeks to get them done. Then, we get to paint them too!


Anonymous said...

i think this is the first mention of this car either here or in Rail & Wire since before the start of the 21st century. Like 15 years!

it is good to see another volunteer stepping forward to work on that roof again!

Ted Miles, IRM Member

Joel Ahrendt said...

There really hasn't been a stop on the roof work, it's just not been reported anywhere. Also, that pesky car shop guy who heads up most of the inspections keeps stealing the work force from time to time to help out... :)