Thursday, May 19, 2016

UP Doodlebug Update

Some more pictures from Gregg Wolfersheim of his work on the UP Doodlebug M-35.   He writes:

Two views of the forward Men's room wall in the doodlebug. The varnished walls were painted by the UP. A number of years ago, someone started to remove the peeling paint.

The upper part of the same wall.

This is the opposite wall (rear) where the sink is mounted on the right side of the picture. The dark spot is where the waste container was mounted. Evidently at some point, there was a fire in the trash and it scorched the wall. The UP just painted over that! I found this while removing the paint.

This is the clamping bracket that held the oil filter for the Winton engine. It was mounted on the wall near the engine. I've stripped the pieces on the right. The piece in the top of the picture is the base. It's bolted to the floor, thus raising the filter case about 8 inches up. All these parts are very greasy and still had most of the yellow paint on them. Now, if we could only find the filter case itself??


Josh Jodlowski said...

Hey guys,

Not sure if you'll know the answer to this, but is the overall goal of this project a return to operation?

Randall Hicks said...

I will go out on a limb and say I'm sure it is. The M-35 has operated at IRM in the past, and mostly it has needed substantial body work and interior restoration.