Saturday, May 27, 2017

Down By the Station

Another busy and productive day at the Museum.  Most of the activity centered around revenue service, so most of these pictures were taken down by the station.   First of all, Illinois Terminal car 101 was running.  This doesn't operate very often, partly because this is the only one of its type.  It's flying black flags in memory of the late Bob Bruneau, who purchased this car for the Museum back in 1956 and guided its preservation and restoration.

I did some work cleaning up and checking various parts of the CA&E train that will be operating on Monday, but not a lot to take a picture of.  At least the car has its classification sign and its 48-star flags. 

And the electric bus from Seattle was in operation.

Work continues rapidly on the 1754.

The CA&E steel cars are waiting on Station 1.

More Chicago transit:

The Decapod is steaming up on the turntable leads.

Meanwhile, out in the fields south of Barn 8, the Track Dept. and B&G crews are cleaning up the material yard.  There are two crews at work, arranging parts to be saved and filling up a gon with scrap iron.  This will make a big improvement to the property.

Once the locomotive starts to move, people are lining up to take pictures.

The caboose train now has five cabooses, and is very popular.

And as the 1630 pulls into the station with its train for the first run, everybody wants to take pictures.

Finally, views of the interior of the 101.

Tune in again on Monday for more colorful and informative news from IRM!

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Joel Ahrendt said...

The picture of the cab of 101 does not show how tight that thing really is.. Just so ya know.