Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Inspection #4 - whew!

Today Greg Ceurvorst and I managed to do most of the inspection work on the 309.  A few remaining tasks will be taken care of on Saturday.  Having a second person to help makes a big difference.  We even get several more pictures taken from a different perspective.

Before we start, the 309 is sitting at the door next to the 24.  There were significant changes in wood car construction in the nine years between 1898 and 1907.

Much of the work has to be done with the car sticking partway out the door.

As always, we examine the traction motors.  This one was rebuilt by Steiner back about 2002, and it still looks great.


No new issues were found.  Among other things, we took measurements of the axles of the #1 truck, where we know we'll probably have to cast new bearings.  And we were able to remove the bent coupler.  We found a large wrench of the right size, and were able to remove the nut that holds the drawbar in place.


You can see what it looks like below.  This bend must date back to Wheaton in 1962, when the junk dealer was moving cars around to get the various museum cars ready to leave.


We'll take it over to the Steam Shop to have them straighten it out.  They've straightened out two other couplers for us in the past, so that will be a big help.  

Jeff Brady and I are showing a prospective new member some of the mechanical and electrical details on the car.


Jon Fenlaciki was working on the roof of the 65.

Buzz is putting together a new caboose door, among other things.

And over at Line Car City, Andy Sunderland has pulled the 1100 part way out of the barn, while working on various parts of the system.

After we were done with inspection, Joel wanted us to leave the pit clear, so the 309 was moved as far west as we could.  This is "rare mileage" for the 309!  Here it's alongside the 28.

And you can't believe everything you read at IRM.  It's shocking, I know.  Which one or more of these messages should you ignore?   You'll have to tune in again next week for the answer! 


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