Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More Labor Day Action

Here are some more pictures I took on Sunday and Monday.  We were too busy to get many good shots, and I'm not set up for night photography, so we welcome submissions!


On Sunday the 36 and 319 were scheduled for night operations, until about 9 PM, so we didn't start until about 2.  Greg Ceurvorst was the motorman and Frank was the conductor for most runs.

The open car coming out of the barn.   Bill Thiel, motorman.

A couple of times we were routed onto Station 2, which is rare.

The train is arranged so that the "solarium" end of the 36 is at the front, giving a good view of the track ahead.

And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, the bilevels appear.

My night shots were all pretty fuzzy.  Anyway, we had a good crowd, and four trains were running after dark.  


Weather was rather iffy, so not as many visitors as on the previous days.

And our capable crew for most of the day:

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