Saturday, September 2, 2017

Who Dares Stand Idle?

Don't just sit there.  It's Labor Day Weekend.  We've got work to do!  And since the wood cars are scheduled for all three days, somebody's got to be there to make sure nothing goes wrong.  Or at least take the blame if it does.  

Today it was just Frank and his father, generally known as Frank Sr.  We were too busy to take many pictures, but our friend Chuck was there, and I'm sure he'll have plenty of great photos to share.  Dick Lukin was there, and we talked with some visitors from Seashore, and so on.

We were running the 308 and 309 today, and everything went well.  We didn't even have our usual bugaboo, the dewirement.  I'm pretty sure we never had to pull a rope out of retrieve.  Of course, I suppose that means tomorrow will be a nightmare, but we'll see.

And the 4000's were running, as was much more common back in the good old days.

The earlier wood cars, I must admit, have the world's worst trap door design, so we generally tried to use the yellow steps whenever possible.

And to keep the passengers entertained, Frank brought out his portable Victrola and some old records.   Keep the home fires burning!

And we terminated at 50th Avenue for one trip, which is always good.

And look, there goes the open car!

The LGB train guys had their layout set up by the depot, as usual.

Say, did we ever mention anything about night operations?  I think we did!  At about 4:00, the North Shore cars came out to take our place, and they were going to be running until 9 or so.  Tomorrow night it will be the CA&E cars running late, so don't miss it.

And here's Greg Ceurvorst, ready to take the first trip.

We'll have many more pictures from this weekend soon, so please stay tuned.  And by the way, for Sunday and Monday we will have Burlington Zephyr service.  It'll probably be even better than this:

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