Monday, December 31, 2018

Doodlebug Report

Another update from Gregg Wolfersheim on his continuing work on the Union Pacific doodlebug:

Here we have the opening for the left side stepwell being prepped.

These are two new sides that were made years ago by another volunteer at the museum. The originals were rusted and damaged from some sort of accident before IRM got the car.

Step number 2 and 4 have been fitted. All four steps and their backs had to be straightened out and primed, first.

All four steps and the backs are in. Some spot priming has been applied to the hardware, too.

Another view of the stepwell, and the hinge bracket for the trap. That also required fabricating a plate to attach it to the carbody.  Next is rewiring the interior lighting circuits while we can get to them easily. Also, some more work is in progress  with the windows and their tracks.

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