Monday, April 1, 2019

Robo-Motormen™ Are Here!

By now everybody is familiar with the concept of self-driving automobiles.  The next step forward is the development of self-operating electric cars for museum service!  And as usual, Hicks Car Works is at the cutting edge of technology.  We are hard at work perfecting the Robo-Motorman™ which will revolutionize the operations at trolley museums across the country.  Use the handy decision tree below to see whether the Robo-Motorman™ may be right for your operation.

No more accelerating too fast or too slow, because the Robo-Motorman™ senses the motor current automatically.  No more braking too hard or not hard enough.  No more being distracted by passengers.  And no modifications to the car are required.

If you're still not convinced, consider these undeniable advantages of using Robo-Motormen™:
  • They always show up for work when they're supposed to
  • They don't complain about working conditions
  • They don't bore the passengers with stupid jokes  (However, once the bugs are worked out, the Stupid Joke Monologue™ will be available as an option in future models.)
  • They're not subject to HOS limits (I hope)
  • They sense dangerous situations automatically

The Model 3 prototype at work.

So don't delay!   Call the number at the bottom of your screen to order your Robo-Motorman™ today.   Operators are standing by to take your call!

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Tim Fennell said...

The future is now but I'm still waiting on the Decatur coaling tower to show up. Happy April 1st!