Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Have You Seen This Car???

Please be on the lookout for a missing streetcar.  When last seen, it looked like this:

This was the body of Milwaukee Electric car 200, a very historic single-trucker that was preserved at East Troy.  It was built as a parlor car, then rebuilt into a hospital car, and then a tool car.  Our friends at the East Troy Electric Railroad sent it to Spring Green to be restored, and as you can see some work was done.  But the owner of the property has died, and no one seems to know what happened to the 200.  If you have any information, call 911   let us know here at Hicks Car Works and we'll pass it on.

This has been a public service announcement from Hicks Car Works.  News you can't get anywhere else.


jack pfleeger said...

hope you find it. lets hope it wasn't destroyed

Stephen Karlson said...

Good news. Scott Patrick posted on the East Troy Facebook page that the body was located somewhere on the carpenter's property. The carpenter had replaced the frame. The upper works are still in rough shape, although they discovered a frame where the crew that rebuilt the car from horse car to hospital car had signed their names. The metal parts are at the museum still. It's likely they'll add another Hero Project to their fundraising page.