Thursday, October 17, 2019

Progress on 451

Yesterday was a typically busy Wednesday, but as a result I didn't get any pictures of what other people were doing.  But at a minimum Pete Galayda,  Buzz Morisette, Tim Peters, John Sheldon, and the freight car guys were hard at work on their projects, and probably others.  And I got some essential help from Gerry Dettloff and Chuck Meter on the 451.

I had noticed that the last remaining pilot bracket for the car had gotten bent somehow, so it would no longer fit around the stepwell.  Gerry was able to heat it up and bend it with Chuck's help so that it was the correct shape.  This bracket is large and heavy, and that was no easy task.  Chuck then helped me get it into position, with the use of a floor jack as seen here, and then with some effort we were able to bolt it into position.  Thanks!

The next step will be to move the pilot itself into position, then lift it up and bolt it to the two brackets on either side of the #1 end.

And then I started installing saddles on the roof, as seen here.  Four have been done, twelve to go, but now that I have all of the necessary tools in position it should go faster next time.   All of the positions have been marked.  The rolling lift certainly makes this job easier.

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