Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Garden Prairie Substation

Thanks to Tim Peters, who paid a visit to the old Elgin & Belvidere substation in Garden Prairie, 10 miles west of IRM. The E&B had three substations along the line between Elgin and Belvidere, and ironically enough the only one of the three no longer standing is the one in Union - the ones in Gilberts to the east and Garden Prairie to the west are still there.

Tim writes: I took some pictures of the garden prairie substation today. It appears to be the same as the union substation as built. Note the passenger waiting area canopy bracket shown on the NW corner of the building. The second floor on the lower portion of the building appears to be an addition as seen from the SW view of the building taken from the fire station on rt 20. You will note the change in the brick above the original 1st floor. The entire street side facade is added.  That would be the side facade on the union substation. See page 39 in 'The Dairy Route '. Looking at the street side, the northern edge of the second floor deck is the end of the canopy. The second floor wall is the original end of the building. Everything north of that on the first floor is part of an addition. Note the alignment of the T intersection with the building.

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