Saturday, June 28, 2008

Closer to Completion

The dedication ceremony for the 309 is just a week away, and the car is getting close to completion. Today I cleaned out all of my tools and other supplies that were still inside, vacuumed the floor, and installed all of the seat cushions. This included installing the last arm rest and inserting a few more shims so the seat brackets clear the cushions. Here are a couple of views of the completed interior. (The table fan was later removed.) I then disassembled the frame I'd made to hold all the seats in the 321.

Lenny Halter built up another trolley shoe for me today, so I ground it smooth and installed it on the 308, so the poles we'll be using for the two car train both have nice new shoes. I finished lubricating the armature bearings, the dirtiest and most unpleasant task there is, but it's done. I finished painting grey on the north side clerestory parts. I would have liked to do the south side, but several thunderstorms passed through during the afternoon, so it wasn't possible. I also did some touch-up painting on the #2 end.

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Anonymous said...

Yor blog is outstanding and very informative. I enjoy reading it very much. 309 looks wonderful. Good luck with the July 4th weekend!