Friday, February 8, 2013

Differing Styles, Same Goal

There are often different ways of reaching a particular goal.  We on this blog have our own style of asking for money, as you have no doubt noticed.  But it's certainly possible to be much more forceful and direct.  So in contrast, here's what our friend Max Tyms has to say (I'm assuming he won't mind if I repost this in its entirety from the Yahoo list):


You probably give lots to charities that "feed the hungry" or "cancer
research" or "help the ....." where most of the money goes in the pockets of
administrators or is spent on raising more money. Do you think those tear
jerking TV/radio ads and billboards are free? The mass mailings are free?

Think about supporting a charity that spends every penny of donated money on
something tangible. Doing some real good! Accomplishing something you can see,
feel and ride!

The Illinois Railway Museum is a charitable educational organization. For 60
years we have been collecting and restoring railroad history and teaching that
history to the interested public. We don't spend money to raise more money.

Over 400 examples of railroad history have been acquired. Most await
restoration. Too many are deteriorating due to lack of indoor storage. Some
will be lost forever if money is not found to preserve them indoors.

In 60 years our volunteers have built a huge multi-building museum on a 100+
acre campus and a 5 mile demonstration railroad. The board of directors,
managers, department heads, curators and most workers are uncompensated
volunteers. They work at IRM in their spare time. Many, myself included (33
years of service), volunteer for decades.

$42,000 is needed to complete substation work
$400,000 for a storage/display building
$3,000,000 for a visitor center
The list goes on......

Consider doing some real good with your money. Support the Illinois Railway
Museum. A 501.C3 educational corporation. Visit us at

Max Tyms

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