Saturday, February 16, 2013

Henrietta Hippo

 Sixty years ago, IRM began its collection with the purchase of a car from the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (CRANDIC), as you probably know.  We just acquired a second one!

 This is our newest acquisition, the sumptuous business car Henrietta,  seen here on our interchange track.  Don't let its uncanny resemblance to a Rock Island commuter car fool you.  Notice the classy curtains in the windows?  Without the tireless machinations of our favorite Greek philosopher, Nick Kallas, this car would still be sitting somewhere in Iowa.  So that's our exciting news for today!

Meanwhile, we're always glad to acknowledge the otherwise unsung efforts of others, especially if we don't have to walk too far to photograph them.  Joe Stupar, Greg Kepka, and perhaps others are working on the smoker of the 757, hoping to put the car back into revenue service this year. 

The floor had to be replaced, so this was the best time to remove the seats and repaint the compartment.  Here we see Joe sanding down the wall.

Some of the wood needed to be stripped, but most of the surfaces are in good condition.  Because this car has relatively modern heaters, Joe is able to use the built-in heating system to make it nice and comfortable.  I'm unwilling to try using the heaters on any of the wood cars, so I must admit to being a little jealous of the working conditions here!

Nonetheless, I spent the day in stripping paint in the vestibule, then filling in the one remaining seam where the ceiling had separated, and then painting.  Except for the one seam, which may take some more work, the entire ceiling now has a first finish coat. So it's going along well.  And there were a few miscellaneous tasks to work on.  Henry Vincent continues to make progress on the train door in the shop.  So what's not to like?


Chris said...

The CRANDIC car looks like a project. What are the plans- business car or Rock Island restoration?

Randall Hicks said...

Sorry, Chris, I don't know, although I would expect that eventually it would be returned to standard Rock Island configuration. I'm hoping someone who knows more will answer.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be interesting to have some idea of its mechanical condition. Does it have seating that would facilitate its use in revenue service? Can we presume that since it apparently was delivered on its own wheels that it is road worthy?

Anonymous said...

Where are the trolley poles?

Anonymous said...

The car is ex-RI commuter with curtains and what appears to be red carpet above the windows, not a business car. It was used to give rides a one time. Seat backs appear to be dis-mounted but there. Car was locked. Decent wheels and oil roller bearings. Steel platform needs work. Came on own wheels. Bill Wulfert