Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Pony On Wheels

 Probably the most interesting news is that our new dome car, the Silver Pony, was put back onto its trucks yesterday.  The department blog has pictures of it being unloaded.

Of course, the car still needs a lot of work, but this is a big step forward.  We have pictures of the interior in an earlier post here.

Later in the day, the car was pushed back farther south on the steam lead, and the TTX flatcar was moved out to the interchange.  I'm just sad that Phil wasn't around to see this.

And now back to Car Dept. happenings.  Henry has been making good progress on rebuilding the train door for the 36, as seen here.  Bob has been helping him with the mortise and tenon work.  Thanks, guys!!!

The door will also need a metal kick plate, which seems to have disappeared when it was rebuilt at North Olmsted.  Eric Lorenz selected a piece of steel plate left over from rebuilding the Cleveland PCC, and I cut it to size. 

And the rest of the day was spent painting in the 319.  I finished putting a first coat of tan on the last four sectors of the wall.  It should get another coat while it's still inside, and sometime later this year I need to be able to run the car outside for a finish coat in natural lighting.  

And then there was some more painting of the ceiling with a first finish coat, until I ran out of time.  I won't have summer school this year, so I hope to spend more time at the Museum painting.  And what not.

Have you forgotten about Barn 14?  I hope not!

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