Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Today was a festive celebration of Bob Kutella's 70th birthday, held in his home away from home, the IRM Wood Shop.  So we had a better-than-usual picnic lunch and engaged in our customary banter.

Most of these guys I know so well I can recognize the backs of their heads.  Let's see, Max, Dave, Barb, Vic, Rich, John, Eric, Buzz....

And here Max and Roger are listening to Bob, with the food in the foreground.  Barb probably deserves most of the credit for all of this.

I hope these pictures are making you hungry.  If so, you can arrange now at this link to sign up for IRM's 60th Anniversary Banquet, which will be held in a much more elegant ambiance at Sun City, and provide better food.  Jim Wrinn, the editor of Trains magazine, will be our guest speaker, and Bob Opal will be providing musical entertainment -- you can't beat that!  Please sign up by November 1st, we'd appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

If I try to identify the folks in your lead picture they would me Max Tyms, Bill Peterson, Barbara Lanphier, Victor Humphreys, Rich Witt, John Mc Kelvey, Eric Lorenz, Buzz Morisette, Eddy Pszczolkowski, Bob Sundelin, and Nick Rindt. I do not see a Dave although Mr. Diamond did attend later on. Thanks to one and all for a memorable day.

Of course there were many more and some continued to filter in for some time to see if there was some cake left. You KNOW who you are!!!

Bob Kutella