Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top Ten 60th Anniversary Banquet & Gala Myths: Debunked!

As November 9th, the date of the IRM 60th Anniversary Banquet & Gala, approaches, Hicks Car Works guest blogger Gwyn Stupar asks, do you have your tickets yet?  And in the spirit of debunkery, here's a list of the Top Ten Myths concerning the event:

1) Myth: They'll make me sit next to Nick Kallas.
    Fact: No assigned seating.

2) Myth: I have to buy a ticket online and I don't know how.
    Fact: You can buy your ticket in the museum office.

3) Myth: $60 for a warm meal?  I'd rather donate to the museum.
    Fact: A portion of your meal ticket does go toward the museum

4) Myth: Boring slideshow.
    Fact: Never-before-seen slides of the museum, courtesy of Charlie King.

5) Myth: It's only open to regular members.
    Fact: Anyone, and we mean *ANYONE*, can join us, so bring your family and friends.  We guarantee they'll have fun too!  We have great silent auction items and entertainment by our very own Bob Opal!

6) Myth: Haven't we celebrated the museum's 60th enough?
    Fact: Usually when we celebrate, it involves work, like setting up equipment, getting ready for operations, or tours.  Besides the people who are actually setting up the event (who are rarely involved in operations), you can sit back and relax!

7) Myth: Boring speaker.
    Fact: Jim Wrinn of TRAINS Magazine is well informed, engaging, and a great fan of steam!  What could be better?  We'd be remiss if we didn't add that Malcolm McCarter, founding member, will be joining us.  Get a chance to thank him for his help founding our beautiful museum!

8) Myth: They'll run out of food and make me eat the infamous "death dogs".
    Fact: Not only do you get a full meal with dessert and coffee, you get to choose between London Broil, salmon, or Chicken Marsala.  Plus, it's catered by Jameson's Charhouse.  What could be better?

9) Myth: Boy, this sounds like a fancy occasion and I feel out of place.  Do I have to wear a tuxedo?  A suit and tie?
    Fact: Wear whatever you'd like, keeping in mind we're at a nice venue and are representatives of the museum.  So let's put it this way: if you think you could wear it to your parents' Thanksgiving dinner, you can probably wear it to this!

10) Myth: Gwyn Stupar will be mad at me if I don't buy a ticket.
    Fact: Well... that's actually true...

Tickets are going fast!  Secure yours today!


Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

Is there a discount if you sit next to Nick Kallas? :)

Nick Gawriluk

Randall Hicks said...

Not yet, but perhaps there should be. Or we could make this an incentive to hurry up: last two people to buy tickets have to sit next to him!