Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let It Snow

I really should have gotten some pictures of our snow-fighting operations.  It was snowing steadily this morning, but by the time I got there our B&G guys already had the situation well under control.  The big dump truck with its plow went by, but before I could react it was out of sight.  They really put a lot of effort into making sure the property is cleared for volunteers and visitors alike.  I can't imagine anybody else in this business has a snow-fighting capability like ours. 

And of course our Happy Holidays Railway operation was going on as usual.  The barns are not open for visitors, but the train was running and the Annex is open.  If you're in the area and have small children, don't miss it!

A cold day like this seemed like a good time to heat up some bolts.  Many of the nuts on the third-rail equipment from Trolleyville were badly rusted.  Rod made quick work of heating them up and removing them, with a little help from myself.  Here's the first scraper cylinder mounted on its beam, so the holes could be marked for drilling.

The vertical holes have to be drilled from both ends, sort of like drilling the Cascade Tunnel, since we don't have a drill press with a 6" travel.  If it's done carefully, the holes will line up almost perfectly.  It even turned out better than expected.

 And after all the through holes are drilled, it looks like this.  Following this, it was time to work on the roof of the 319 some more, since the snow had stopped and the sun was out, more or less.  No pictures, it looks just like last time.

Later, I painted the first beam with primer.

Then I dragged the next beam into the shop and partly demolished what was left of the wood.  It too needs to have bolts torched off.  So we'll keep going.  And after the 36 is done, we'll need to make three more sets of four beams apiece for the steel cars.

December is nearly half over.  Where does the time go???  Before the end of the year, you need to make sure you have gotten your tax-deductible contributions in, so don't delay.  Remember, Santa is watching!

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