Sunday, December 15, 2013

Visit with Bob Kutella

My wife and I visited Bob Kutella this afternoon at the Northwest Community Hospital; Rich Witt was there also.  We left as they were getting ready to transport him to a nearby rehabilitation facility.  This accident has certainly been a very dreadful and traumatic experience.  But Bob remains determined to recover, and will do whatever it takes pull through.  He hopes to be in the rehab facility only a couple of days, and can then return home.  Barb should be returning Monday evening, and will be providing the extra care he needs.  And he is very grateful for the encouragement and support he's gotten from his many friends.  It may be several months before he can return to the Museum.

He also wanted me to point out that he probably won't be able to send out Christmas cards this year.  We're sure you'll understand!

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping Bob in mind, I hope he makes a fast and complete recovery I'm pleased you went to see him !! Best wishes to you and the IRM family this season !!

Randy Stahl