Saturday, January 17, 2015

36 Report

 It's Saturday, time for another report from IRM.  It was warmer, so the 36 heated up nicely and quite a bit got done.

Stripping the ceiling in the vestibule is a slow and laborious process.  The original Pullman Green paint on all these cars is something else; it's almost impossible to remove it completely.  When heated up, it turns to a gluey mess that builds up on your putty knife, and just won't go away.

  But as long as the newer paint is removed and the green stuff is sanded down, it will work fine.  Stripping the #1 vestibule on the 309 was one of the first major projects I did on my own, back in the winter of 1975-76, so this is just like the good old days.   

 At least for a while.  Later, I sanded down and put a second finish coat on all of the end bulkhead in the smoker, and most of the rest of the middle color sections.

Time for some more trivia.  The pocket door between the smoker and the main compartment has two little slots, and obviously there was a latch of some sort on the frame so that the door could be latched either open or closed, from the smoker side.  I don't know what the latch might have looked like.  I don't remember the 20 having anything like this, but perhaps I just didn't notice.  The 308 certainly doesn't have these slots.

 And the door to the #1 vestibule also has just one slot, although the other end has none.   ?!?!?  The motorman could presumably latch the door closed to keep passengers from bothering him, but what happens if he is injured or has a medical emergency?  There is no possible way to open the door from inside, apart from breaking the glass.   We will just have to get along without this feature.

The regulars were at work in Barn 4, of course.  Eric Lorenz continues to make steady progress on the ceiling of the Cleveland car.  The floor needs a little work, but that is next in line.

And Bill is working on third rail beams for one of the wooden L cars, the 1797 I think he said.   Say, that reminds me.... I have some that need work too!

And Tim is nearing completion on all new window frames for the 24.  They look nice, just like you see in pictures of old-time car builders. 

 Nor were the other departments idle.  But we can always use more help during the winter months!

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