Thursday, January 22, 2015

MBTA Engine Has Arrived

... at an interchange track near you.  I'm told this was acquired as a parts source.   Details to follow.  Remember, you saw it here first!

Photos by Bob Olson


Randall Hicks said...
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Frank Hicks said...

An anonymous reader writes:

"Thank you for posting the photo of MBTA 902 (ex-SEMTA 902). I'd like to share with you a few points of interest related to this locomotive. The GP units used by SEMTA were the last group of locomotives rebuilt with steam generators for revenue passenger service. I personally would like to see this unit before its parted out to look for evidence of the steam generator and other appliances.

"SEMTA was one of 4 commuter rail services abandoned in their entirety after 1980. Of those services, SEMTA had the largest schedule and fleet. Amazingly, MBTA 902 unit retains most of its SEMTA paint scheme - the MBTA lettering even followed the SEMTA font. Here's a link to the 902 at the end of SEMTA service.

"Do you know what the timeline is for parting this unit out?"

Anonymous said...

I remember this unit well. When I was in college in Boston I worked as an intern for the Chief Mechanical Officer, Walter Mark. I remember when these units were acquired from SEMTA. The units were in good condition and were only re lettered rather than doing a complete repaint. They were used mostly on the north side in trains that consisted of RDCs with one engine on each car for electricity and heat / ac. Should be a nice addition to your collection.

Chris Chestnut

David Wilkins said...

The unit was originally GTW 4932

Chris said...

Its a nice engine. It would be a shame to waste it. It might look good with the CN and GT passenger cars at the museum.

Anonymous said...

not sure if my talented left thumb deleted my last post before I sent it - so i apologize if a duplicate.
A post on the IRM Yahoo group identifies the 902 as GTW 4915. Not my post and I have no independent information.

I think the last time IRM received an engine for parts - CNW 4160 the incredible diesel department made it operable - and it's been a standard at the museum for quite some time. I believe that it awaits restoration as a RI unit?
I wonder if the same fate awaits the 902 - or is this one really for parts?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Chris's comment: I don't think there is any shame in using an engine that has had a catastrophic electrical fire and won't run again without major work for parts. There is a reason the MBTA got rid of it! How else do you propose to fix the 3 or 4 engines that will benefit from its parts? R. W. Schauer

Anonymous said...

Interesting possibilities with this unit. If IRM acquires a "chop-nose" GP9 someday, it could back-date it to its original, high, short hood appearance with this loco.

Chris said...

I didn't know about a fire. That might make it toast. Still there are a lot of junky, chopped GPs out there. This one looks like a nicer "passenger" one, but maybe there's less modified ones around if IRM wanted one.