Friday, October 23, 2015

Earn While You Learn

Today it's another advertising card out of the Shaker Heights PCC, this one for CETA.

CETA, which stands for Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, was a federal jobs program for long-term unemployed and low income people; it also provided summer jobs for high school students.  IRM itself was a beneficiary of this program during the 1970s, with "CETA kids" helping out with various duties at the museum.  Some museum members were beneficiaries in a different way; three sisters who worked with CETA all ended up marrying IRM volunteers!

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Anonymous said...

My museum job in the 1970s was funded by CETA. It was a great program which faded away when the government in Washington, DC changed around 1976. It did a lot of good for a lot of young people back then. I was in my 20s back then. However I did not meet my wife until she and I worked together at a future job.

Ted Miles
IRM Member