Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat?

When my father was growing up in Batavia, he and his friends would go around knocking over the neighbors' outhouses as a trick for Halloween.  Nowadays you'd go to jail for doing something like that, but back then, boys will be boys.  For Halloween this year somebody dumped a big pile of coal in my favorite parking spot, ha ha ha!   Is this a trick or a treat?  I think it's a treat.  At least now I'll never have to be cold all winter!

Anyway, back in the 36 progress continued with the somewhat more convenient heat provided by electricity.  The first aid box, pamphlet holder, and fire extinguisher bracket have been installed and painted as needed, so the bulkhead is pretty much done.

Working westward, the first double-window section is pretty much done, with new paint on the baggage racks and the wall panel behind them.

And then in the next section, first finish on the window sills and wainscoting below them.  And a few other details I didn't bother to snap.  Since I got out late, I didn't have a chance to visit with the other projects.   Next time!


Chris said...

Nowadays outhouses are probably zoning violations.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Mr. Ray Cosyn gave an illustrated talk on the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin. He grew up in the late 1940s and 1950s when so much electric traction was running in the area. He knows you and reads this Blog. He asked to be remembered to you.

He had pictures of most of the surviving C,A & E Interurbans. What a story it was! And to think now you ride it on a bicycle rather than an electric train!

Ted Miles, IRM Member
WRM Library and Archives Department