Sunday, October 4, 2015

Visit to Roanoke

The Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke has an excellent collection of railroad equipment, highly focused on the immediate area.  Out in the rail yard, the first thing that greets the visitor is this stunning display of N&W's final steam designs.  From left to right, class A 1218, class J 611, and Y6b 2156.  The 2156 arrived recently on loan from MOT in St. Louis to make this possible.

The two big articulateds make an interesting contrast.

The 611 is operational and runs main-line fantrips on a regular basis.  When it's not in use, it's stored here on display.

This is N&W #6, a 2-8-0 dating to 1897.  These deckless cabs must have been an ordeal to operate.


And this is Virginian #4, an 0-8-0.

A dynamometer and a wooden caboose.

Virginian caboose 321 is open for visitors to walk through. 

(L) Out in the yard, the GG-1 has been recently repainted, but not yet lettered. 

(R) A Porter from the Virginia Central.

Nearby is one of the N&W 4-8-0's rescued from a local scrapyard a few years ago.

And then there's a Virginian rectifier locomotive on display, nicely painted.  You might want to keep this in mind.

 Finally, the sole streetcar is a Washington PCC.  For something sitting outside, it's not in bad shape.

The Museum's main display building is a converted freight house.  It has lots of interesting displays, models, the gift shop, and so on.  A good number of antique cars are on display, but I might save those for another time if there's interest.   And this is a photo backdrop for you and your family: 

Inside a converted baggage car is the video hall, where they were showing videos of the 611, with a brief lecture beforehand.  Very well done.

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