Friday, January 27, 2017

Carlines for the Doodlebug

Gregg Wolfersheim sends us another update on the UP M-35.   The roof was disassembled many years ago, and the necessary wooden pieces to support it have been fabricated in the woodshop.   Gregg reports:

Recently I made the last three carlines for M-35. With Tim Peters' guidance, I cut out the pieces that will go over the engine room:

Another shot of the carlines in primer. They are not as wide as the ones over the passenger compartment. Those had to reach down farther so the ceiling panels can be attached to them.

The coach department was looking for things to paint a few weeks ago. So, Roger Kramer and the gang painted the previously primed carlines in the carshop area. Here is one all done. There is a left and a right for the end pieces, which overlap the center section and are just screwed together:

Another pic of just the #2 carline. They are in three pieces which are lap jointed to make just one:

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