Thursday, January 19, 2017

Doodlebug Update

Here are some pictures from Gregg Wolfersheim about recent work on the UP doodlebug.  He writes:

Progress on UP gas-electric, M-35, has been sporadic the last 4 months. But, some progress has been made. A bracket was fabricated to hold the engine tachometer. Also, a more permanent solution to the "Run" switch was created. This controls the magneto ignition system on the Roiline engine. In the background of this picture, you can see one of 12 ignition coils that are mounted on 4 brackets alongside of the engine block. Some of the clamps that hold each coil had gotten rusted over the years. I removed them, and refurbished them with new gray paint.

In another area of M-35, I've been stripping paint off of the firewall behind the engine compartment. To the left of the picture is the bare metal. The right side has the silver paint applied. That is the entrance door to the engine compartment.

Looking down thru the missing roof, we can see some of the firewall and door. The large door without paint is the maintenance door, which is larger. In the extreme left of the pic can be seen the Peter Smith hot water heater, which heats the car and engine block, when the car is not running.

Another view of the heater room and firewall area. It's not much bigger than a phone booth! Hence, very hard to work in, and take pictures of. Hopefully in the near future, some more work will be done to get the roof components installed.

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