Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Gun Is Not the Answer

Although the 36 has been in service for two or three years now, there was still one part of the electrical system that needed to be fixed.  I had to replace all of the wiring to the control jumper receptacles, and one receptacle at one end wasn't completely connected.   Due to a miscalculation, several of the wires were too short.  Since there are two receptacles at each end, that isn't a fatal defect, but I wanted to complete the job.  So this morning I got to work.

Things went well until it was time to solder the connections.  I was planning to use my old soldering gun (originally my father's) but it just didn't get the connections with these heavy wires quite hot enough.  So it's time to drop the gun and move slowly away.  Luckily the Museum has some nice big soldering irons that can do the job nicely.

And after some work, all the connections are in.   It looks like this when completed; we're looking up at the bottom of the floor of the vestibule.

And with the ringer, seen sitting in front of the train door, I test that all connections are made, from one side to the other.  Because this end of the car is at the door, I wasn't able to completely test the new wiring in operation, but I did run the control system through its paces to check for shorts.  And we'll have to remember to check it out before using the car in service.

And so it's back to painting.  First, the usual projects are active in the shop.   Tim continues on making windows for the 1754.  Notice the nice new hinges.

And John Faulhaber was working on fitting the new bottom rail to the replacement door for the 213.  By the end of the day it was fitted in place.   Many other people were working also.

In the #2 vestibule, I masked off various parts for spraying white primer from a rattle can.

And in the #1 vestibule, more finish painting.  In the first picture, the ceiling and upper panel have been painted with a first coat of the final red, but the side door is untouched.

After painting, it looks like this.  Getting good pictures in this confined space with the available lighting is difficult.  I admit these pictures are not up to Rail & Wire standards.

And here's the vestibule door after painting.  

And that was it for today.  But don't go away, we have more feature articles coming up.

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