Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday Report

SOOTHSAYER.  Beware the Ides of March.
CÆSAR.  He is a dreamer; let us leave him; -- pass.

It was nice to get back out to IRM today, defying any prognostications of doom, and a lot got done.  Greg Ceurvorst came out to help and worked hard all day, with excellent results.  I put him to work on the #1 vestibule of the 319, which needs a final coat or two of the correct shade of red.  This vestibule was repainted four or five years ago.  

Greg managed to sand down all of the red paint in the vestibule for recoating, which is a lot of work.  

Under the metal plate warning you of the dire consequences of tampering with the car is the earlier lettering of yellow on blue.  Usually they're in nearly the same location.  Not only is every car lettered differently, often the two vestibules of a single car are different.

He also went to the trouble of cleaning up the builder's plate on the controller, although it will have to be repainted.  But before that happens, you can read a fascinating list of patent dates.  Thanks, Greg!

I was working on more sanding, scraping, priming, and painting in the #2 vestibule.

Greg then started on a first finish coat.

It looks great.  Somehow I forgot to take any more pictures of my own work.

So now let's see what the other guys are doing.   Here we have a rather worm-eaten piece of sheet metal from the 18, which Frank removed last week.  Tim has some new metal left over from his door project, and he said he'd be glad to let us use some of it to replace this piece.  It appears to be the correct thickness.

And Tim himself is hard at work painting the new doors and windows for the 1754.

He says he decided to paint them green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I'll drink to that!

 Jeff and Norm were working on the Michigan car again.  Progress is steadily being made.

And here's a picture from the Anderson Car House.

In the Cleveland PCC, the new floor has started to go in.   Pieces are being welded in place.

Lorne shows off the next piece that needs to be checked and then welded.

John and Gerry look at the replacement door that they are rebuilding in the shop for use on the 213.

This is what the door will replace: the one there now is rotted out and missing its glass.

Pete was out too, but the 300 is now over in Barn 7 so I didn't get a picture.  And there were several other people working on various things.  So all in all, a very good day.

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Anonymous said...

good to have you back from traveling.

That is one honking big baggage door on the North Shore #213! I hope it fits intot he sanding machine a gluing table.

Ted Miles, IRM Member who is looking forward to opening day.