Sunday, March 12, 2017

Catch Up On Comments

Several recent comments deserve a response, so I'll put them all here:

To C. Emry: Thanks for the comment about the 18.  Inside information like this is always welcome.   Could you please send me some contact info so if we have any more questions, we could get in touch?  I promise not to put you on any mailing lists or ask for money!  You can use the contact form at the bottom of the right column, that's the easiest way.   Thanks!

D. Holley's comment about the Dayton carbody was quite interesting.  While of course I support the restoration of cars like this in general, their "adaptive reuse" is also of historical value.  I would like to see any pictures of the car while it was a house.  For that matter, I'd also like to see pictures of our Lake Shore Electric 150, which we have cosmetically restored and are using for parts storage, while it was a house.

Will O'Malley asked about how the streetcar line is going to cross the Barn 9/carline switch.  I'm told that this will be produced by a contractor.   Since special work like this is often needed by railroads, a contractor can take an exact diagram of what's needed and produce it in his shop, so it can essentially then be dropped into place.   Of course, when the time comes, this will require $$$$$$.  Like everything else.

Somebody asked about the North Shore car 154, which was sold to Grass Lake.  I think maybe they were planning to keep the body on display, but I'll have to check up with Norm on that next time I see him.

And your compliments about the history of the 640 are appreciated, and well deserved in my opinion.   But maybe I'm biased.

So, did you want fries with this catch up?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Randy. Thanks for getting back on my question. I'm really excited about the car line extension. I'm hoping to be at the museum next month to see it in person, instead of vicarious viewing through the blog. I wish my life included more time and a closer location to the museum. Hopefully in the next few years, that can be possible. For now, I'll have to enjoy the couple weekend trips and the blog to satiate my appetite for traction.

Will O'Malley