Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Report

This will be brief, as we'll let others display their photographs for the most part.  IRM had a moderately good crowd in attendance for the third day of the weekend.  We had thought about running a three-car CA&E train again, but decided on two cars, which turned out to be sufficient.  Several trips were pretty crowded, but we never really needed three cars.  The 1630 was pulling a three-car coach train, the North Shore cars were running, there was a 50th Avenue shuttle, and two streetcars.  As usual, a good time was had by all.

Chris and Dan Buck and I were running the 36 and 319.  Things generally went very well.   We seemed to have some problems with retrievers, but that can be solved with relative ease.  And then the whistle cord broke.  If these were the only problems we ever had to solve, life would be easy.

Lots of happy passengers.

And of course the steam engine is always the center of attention.

And on a side note, the B&G guys, such as Dave Diamond and Al Choutka and Max Tyms have been at work trimming and removing unwanted trees to clean up the property near the station.

And then a passenger named Stephen Karlson sends us a link to his photos from yesterday, which you can find in the comments.  Thanks!

But stay tuned, there's more.

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