Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Report

First of all, the rebuilt truck for the 68 has been assembled.  With its small wheels and tiny motors, it provides an excellent view of how a motor truck is put together.  Of course, the gears will be covered with the gear pans in service, but meanwhile we see how the the motor is suspended between the axle and the truck frame, so that the gears remain meshed.

Henry Vincent, Rich Witt, and John Faulhaber spent much of the day cleaning and polishing seat handles for the 68.

I wanted to look at spare controllers in storage for a better throttle assembly for the 36.  Gerry Dettloff helped me move them around.  I removed a part from this controller, which came from car 28, but it turned out not to work in the 36's controller, so it had to be reassembled.  Perhaps after the operating season is over the old one can be brazed.

And then I relettered the 319's fuse box.

The scrap fuse box has been repainted and relettered, but I couldn't find the right screws to attach it.   Have to wait until next time.

And then the one remaining stepwell was wire-wheeled and painted with primer.

Speaking of "watch your step", I should point out that Gerry runs a very tight ship in the Car Dept.  Anyone who talks back to the boss is liable to have to spend hours sorting screws, as Henry has found out.  It's the IRM equivalent of KP.  No joking around here, so watch your step!

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