Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On the Matchbox

Frank writes...

Tuesday, for Independence Day, I had the good fortune to be on Chicago Surface Lines #1374, the "Matchbox." My conductor for the day was Thomas Slater, who was nattily attired in street railway uniform complete with coin changer, but unfortunately I neglected to get a crew shot. Oh well.

The "Matchbox" is a beautiful car, completely restored between about 1974 and 1990 by a large crew of volunteers led by Frank Sirinek. Frank was out on Tuesday along with Mike Stauber (who also worked on the 1374) and they rode along for a couple of trips, so that was nice.
It's hard to believe that the body of this car was largely gutted when it was in use as a salt car late in its career. The restoration crew had to replace the entire floor, which had been ravaged by the salt, as well as sections of the frame and sides. All interior woodwork had to be replaced or refinished. Today, it's beautiful.
The controls of this 1905 car are simple. L-R: K-28B controller, air gauge, straight air brake stand, sand valve (not in use), door crank, hand brake, switch iron. This was taken at the back end of the car as evidenced by the open doors to the left.

In other news, Joel Ahrendt and Richard Schauer were kind enough to spend some time Tuesday working on the 36, adjusting the tension on one of the poles and replacing a retriever that had been acting up. Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

What a great weekend for the Electric Car Department! If I did not live so far away; I

Would have been there!

Ted Miles